We produce maternity clothes,have a professional merchandising and quality control team to ensure 100% quality of the goods and guaranteed on time delivery for any order which we handle on behalf of our Buyers (you).

The material of should be soft, designed in a simple and relaxed, after wearing the upper limbs can move freely. Neither bondage jacket chest can not oppress the abdomen, to benefit the growth of the fetus.

Not hinder fetal development, as pacious and comfortable,breathable, absorb sweat and strong, sunstroke warm and convenient to wear off the principle, combined with their own preferences wearing occasions considering the texture of cottonas the preferred focus on practical

Material: Custom maternity clothing cotton is the preferred, not only breathable, and soft, absorbent, washable. At the same time, you should avoid usingthe fabrics of synthetic ingredients. if the pregnant woman for a long time in front of the computer, it will affect the health of the fetus. So choose a radiation maternity dress became the mothers who will consider the issue.

Collar: the collar material is not too thick, V-neck, round neckis appropriate, generally do not choose lapel shirt.

Pregnant clothes Size: accompanied month increments change with more than abdominal circumference, chest circumference, hip circumference, leg circumference will change. Must be better than the larger size of the body, for comfort considerations.
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