There are two kinds(knitted and woven)according to manufacturing style; according to use,it divided into towel,washcloth, facetowel, bath towel, sofa towel.

Knowledge of towel: 1.Dark towel is more expensive than light one.but light one is more durable.Because of the high cost of dark towel,it is the investment of the chemicals, dyeing time is too long.So for fiber damage is great. And the darker, the worse fastness.Children had better use light color. 2.Wet towel is lousy than dry towel ,easy to infected with the bacteria. 3.Used for a long time will occur hardening. 4.Divided into:Absorbent, not absorbent.
Advantage:Surface pile density, soft, water absorbent and resistance, wear-resisting, and keep warm.
We can provide fast and reliable services to our regular customers,Can according buyer sample specification make sample of towel.Welcome to visit our factory if you like.
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