Pants are divided into: the trousers, shorts, pants, Capri pants, pantyhose.We are mainly in custom children's shorts, adult sports pants.

Pants fabric thickness:The fabric weight is related with the yarn and fabric density, yarn thicker denser the fabric more thick, its weight is greater. Generally can be divided into light, medium and heavy-duty three categories. Light fabric weight of 200 to 340 g / m (6 to 10 ounces / square yards), medium-sized 340 to 450 g / square meter (10 to 13 ounces / square yards), heavy 450 g (13 oz / square yard or more).

Shorts advantages: 1. Simple - it is comfortable and easy to wear;  2.Practical
- cool, light, allowing the body to make large movements.

Custom PANT:1.MOQ: 500 each style.2.Tell me your want about "the length of the fabric, pants, style,logo,color, size,ect."3.Could offer both OEM and ODM service.
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