Cap has shade, decorative, warming and protective role. Therefore, many different types,so in the very particular about the choice. First, we must choose the right hat to the face. Secondly, according to their own body to choose a hat. Wearing a hat  the same as wear clothes, to try to avoid weaknesses. The form and color of the hat and clothes to match.

We custom cap,like that Specification No. 46, 46 and 56 for the bonnet, 55 ~ 60 for adults cap, No. 60 cap for the extra large size.any size for you choose.

The quality of the cap is generally from the specification, modeling, materials, production areas to reflect.Size should be consistent with the standard requirements; modeling should be nice, natural and poised,reasonable structure, various parts of the symmetry or coordination; materials shall meet the requirements.

Hat to pay attention to maintenance and custody, when put the hat off, not misplacing, should be hung on the coat rack, or hang in Hook, hats do not ballast in order to avoid aliasing distortion.Must have the correct method of washing. Hat inside and outside will be coated with grease, Should be promptly wash off.

The baseball cap is one kind of cap , now it is not just a baseball team's hat, baseball cap is very popular for a variety of styles and brands in the world.
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